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Gavin Heaton

These statistics obviously can't measure the real world discussion prompted by blogs ... or the links that are passed around via email.

One of the great things about blogs is that you CAN browse anonymously ... you can even comment without leaving your name. But if you leave a link back to your own blog, then you can be linked to your own opinion. And often times we like to express ourselves within comparatively safe environs.


Interesting statistics, yet after seeing them they don't really surprise me. Gavin put it best that "often times we like to express ourselves within comparatively safe environs". My question has always been: Why is this? If you think about it, you're at greater risk expressing yourself to your friends who will make fun of you for days over a stupid idea versus a stranger who you may never see again. It makes even less sense not to want to comment on a blog, as you have time to think out your statement. You’re not even face to face a person either. So why do people see these as “unsafe” environments?

Jordan Mitchell

Yes, anonymous is one kick-ass value prop for the Web in general, init?

To Alex, you're right but friendly ribbing from friends is much easier to take than a virtual public flogging. Most people are just inherently afraid to do things in public, even when they desperately want to and they can only benefit.

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