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How revolutionary your site is! Wow. And you pompously call others brown-nosers :-) How obnoxious and thoughtless. Does it make you feel important/ powerful, when not-so-deep-down you know you're not? (I didn't give the email address I use, since I don't want any direct contact with you.) I have good reason to post this. YOU get a life.

Dylan Peterson

Wow, what a great place. There is so much to do in this state. I haven't even begun floating the rivers. I suppose I'll need one of those pontoons.

Jordan Mitchell

LynK, thx for the visit and for the incredibly poignant comment. (I'm scratching my head in confusion ...) :-P

Dylan, yeah having a boat opens up a ton of possibilities and good times -- year around.


I enjoyed you site a lot. You don't see very many articles written on this area. I am going to try to float the canyon too. Not enough people really get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Thank you

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