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Dave Schappell

Jordan, I'm in agreement with you on the rationale for Microsoft's decision... but I'm not quite their yet on the Farcebook front. I keep discussing it with friends and hesitate to think of it as a MySpace repeat -- the key difference seems to be Mark's passion and strategic vision, to make it a core part of the social lives for an up-and-coming demographic. I liken it to the rise of e-commerce, with a focus on the web generation and the awareness that every year you'd be gaining another wave of new users (with all users becoming more comfortable and more experienced with the technology), and every year having an ineligible group move out of the potential audience picture. As long as they continue to focus on making social interactions easier to manage and more meaningful, and fight the urge to try to be all things to all users, they have the potential to become another google / amazon / ebay / craigslist... filling one critical need for an almost infinite user base. OK... I'll probably regret at least 3 of those statements within the next 24 hours!

Jordan Mitchell

I agree it's not a MySpace repeat. Though I remain nauseated by all the farcebook coverage in our tech echo chamber (and to a lesser degree MSM), Zuck has proven himself to be quite brilliant -- he's clearly not done going after market opportunities (or seeing them).

In contrast, where has MySpace innovated in the last year or two? Yet they serve a very different need. MySpace is for anonymous and creative expression, bands, self-promotion, etc. Facebook is for you (by name) and keeping in touch with your posse (again, by name). If MySpace is like a nightclub, Facebook is like a structured networking event.

They'll each have their own loyal user base, and their lock-in will be the closed nature of their services.


The nighclub vs. networking event is extremely accurate. I don't like Myspace because of the constant spam and unwanted messages.

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