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SEO report man

I would ignore pagerank. There seems to be little evidence that a higher pagerank has any real change in positioning (depending on keyword phrase being chased).

When we do a seo report pagerank isn't even mentioned.

It's far better to focus on keyword phrases that are pre-qualifying visitors, which should lead to higher conversions.

Anyway PR is only a snapshot and can't be relied on. A low PR site can appear above a higher PR site if the page has been optimised correctly, has a good link building strategy...

Jordan Mitchell

I actually do ignore PageRank. It's nice to know (from someone who clearly knows more than I) that the evidence supports this disposition! Thanks for stopping by.

Rohan Beata

If you're getting the traffic that you want, or if you feel that people are looking at your site everyday, would you look at any other statistic than the number of hits you get?

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