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Ian Thomas


That's an interesting post - though I'm not sure I'd agree with your characterization of the difference between a network and an exchange. There are plenty of networks which operate the "arbitrage" model you describe (though it's not really arbitrage, since the network is adding value before reselling the impression), amongst them BlueLithium and Tacoda. RightMedia does this really in its capacity as a network, not as an exchange.

Is it not also likely, moreover, that the contextual networks that are aimed at the tail will start to introduce behavioral targeting into their ad delivery algorithms? There's nothing written in stone that says that AdSense has to deliver an ad based solely on the page content. And now that Google is merging DFP into AdSense, it will have a lot of behavioral data to draw on.


PS Saw from your CV on the main site that you were previously at 121Media - bet you're glad not to be there at the moment!

Jordan Mitchell

Hi Ian, thx for stopping by.

Yeah, very happy these days to be navigating different waters, and *adding* value to publishers and consumers.

Google is in a position right now where they can't do behavioral, and indeed have indicated as much. They just have too much data on each of us, more than any other company. Any indication of behavioral profiling will in my opinion open up a can of PR whoop-ass that makes the Phorm Storm look like a tickle fight! But yeah, nothing is written in stone.

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