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Roland Holtzen

Haha, got it all correct! This is what I like best: you don't like being told what to do. That's me, LOL. In my answers, I do think I'm an entrepreneur at heart. The only thing that is not me is "You hate being told you're wrong." You have to be open to criticism when you are an entrepreneur. It's a way to make things better.

Joana Leighmoore

Number 7 cracked me up! You still have to be careful about those "fine print" moments though. Number 15 is something that could even improve how you do your work. There's one thing that's not in the list that some people do: blog about work. Some do take advantage of that by promoting what they sell.

Matthew Engquist

I like the ninth sign the best. That impatience drives an entrepreneur to think up of new ideas that can better the current system - even replace it. But true enough, the last sign should be a motivation to push harder and do better. Well, thanks for sharing a nice list! :)

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