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Jeff Chester, Washington, DC

They forgot to add: CDD's initial 2006 complaint led to FTC action on behavioral targeting. There are also investigations now on a number of digital marketing privacy issues we raised since. And with a new pro-consumer regime at the FTC, our investigations and complaint will help move the agency to better protect consumers. Sounds like sour grapes from someone who doesn't really understand the process.


Believe it or not Jeff, but we're much closer in our perspectives on consumer privacy than you might think. Where we differ is our approach -- shotgun blasts like this from well outside the online ad marketplace will not be NEARLY as effective as patient and well-aimed rifle shots from within.

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Jeff Chester, Washington, DC

I am afraid that those many inside the online ad marketplace--which we and our privacy and consumer protection colleagues follow very closely on both sides of the Atlantic--have lost their perspective. That's why our complaint has already awoken the FTC to examine real-time target auctioning.

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